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Who are the classes or privates for? 

I work with students ages 7+ 

->>Beginners who may have never tried aerial and are curious about their potential to climb, go upside down, and/or try something new.

->>Intermediate/Advanced flyers wanting to work with a coach for supervision and personalized feedback to improve your skill level, creative movement, or something specific you may not be getting from a regular class.

->> Maybe you personally don't feel entirely ready to join a group of strangers, or you want to figure out what level you're at so you are able to join the monthly group sessions - taking a private session can help take that pressure off of yourself so you can test it out with ease and excitement! Also, it's more fun to fly with a friend! Group semi-privates are a great winter indoor activity here in NYC!

Where are these sessions held?

5th Wall Studio - Williamsburg, Brooklyn 

If Brooklyn is not accessible or nearby, you can also book sessions and/or take Taylor's classes at the following studio in Manhattan:

Aerial Arts NYC - Manhattan, NY 

*Please email the studio to book a private and request me

Send an email to:

View studio rates here

What is it?

In person sessions are for one hour (unless requested for more) where you will take time learning and practicing newfound aerial skills at your own pace. Depending on your interests and needs, the material is tailored for your ability level and learning experience. Learning and practicing aerial arts is a fun challenge - Taylor's goal is to make aerial arts accessible and approachable for beginners, while offering creative tools and challenges that are essential for the seasonally trained aerialist. 


More questions that need answers? Feel free to text or call (347) 380 - 4396

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